Mickey the Dick
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voiced by Max Gilardi

Micky the Dick is a main protagonist that appears in Wacky Game Jokes 4 Kids. He is most known for his short-temper and grief-ful attitude.


Micky wears has an black jacket and a gray shirt, and blue jeans, and what looks to be old brown boots.


At most of times, Micky can be mad as ever and just showing grief. This all comes from his hate from Video Games, it not said why he hates them so much, it maybe explained in season 2. However it is explained why he is still working at VGV even though he hates it a lot and it causes him nothing but grief, many people asked him this question, and finally during the fan mail special, he answers it pulling up his right pants sleeve yelling, "Because it will exlpode!" showing a perimeter sensitive exploding ankle braclet that was there the whole time, prove it hasn't.

He's a dick.